As a player

As a player Sid van Druenen represented the following teams:

U12 till U18 – CD Boliqueime, Boliqueime, Portugal, Europe
U19 – EVV, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Europe
U20 till U23 – CD Boliqueime, Boliqueime, Portugal, Europe

“I fell in love with football (soccer) at a very young age, it was all i wanted to do, I remember that every Saturday, when I was maybe 11 or 12 years old, i would take my bike and go watch the older kids play… Till one day they invited me to play with them, it was great, like a dream coming through… from that day on I never missed a game and that’s when I knew it, I wanted to become a professional player… 2 years later I joined a local club, CD Boliqueime, and played for them till I was 18 years old. I met some great friends and loved the hard work at practices and the excitement before the games, but I also understood that I wasn’t going to make it as a professional soccer player if I would stay with the club where I grew up. Therefore I moved to the country where I was born, the Netherlands, and tried out for EVV Eindhoven, an amateur club with good connections to FC Eindhoven, a professional soccer club from the same city. I lived at my aunts attic and worked at the snack bar of the local swimming pool and every day I would go to practice or to the gym, chasing my dream of being a professional soccer player! I made the first team and played some good games but unfortunately, I got really home sick… So after a couple of months I decided to go back to Portugal, back to my family and friends… And it was only when I got back that I realized that I should have pushed myself through it, the team I was playing for became champion that year and I still wonder sometimes, what would have happened to me if i would have stayed and finished the season… But without to much regret I went back to play with my friends at CD Boliqueime and we ended up 3rd that year and got promoted to the 1st Division, not bad at all but I was already 2o years old, just started college so I realized that I was not going to make it as a professional player… That’s when I decided to chase a new dream: become a professional football (soccer) coach…”

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